Does your child want to learn how to ride? Used to ride as a kid and itching to get back in the saddle? Whatever your situation may be, Liz Place Performance Horses offers a great riding program for all ages and experience levels. Our instructors have years of experience working with horses and riders. We focus on teaching all aspects of working with horses, not just how to sit in the saddle and go along for the ride. Students as young as two all the way into their seventies ride and learn new things each lesson!

All of our school horses are registered Quarter Horses, most come from a background of extensive showing and training. They are very safe and patient horses with not a mean bone in their body. A retired show horse is very well trained, making learning how to ride that much easier. Often times when riding a horse with less training the rider spends more time correcting the horse rather than concentrating on their body and using the proper aids.

We offer hour or half-hour lessons and during that time the horse is basically "your" horse. You will be not just be taught how to ride, but all the other aspects of horsemanship that go along with it. We have a strong emphasis on safety and correct handling of the horses.

Riders must wear long pants (preferably jeans) and closed toe shoes. We have a selection of boots to use if you do not have a pair. All students under 18 years of age are required to wear helmets and adults are advised to as well, though not required. You may use our provided helmets or bring your own. All tack is provided.

Lindsay LaPlante manages the riding school and provides lessons to riders of all experience levels, from those who have never seen or touched a horse up to those preparing to show at the top levels of competition. She has coached students of all ages, including those with disabilities. She is an AQHA World Champion rider and has the knowledge and experience to teach you or your child every aspect of proper and safe horsemanship.



1 hour: $65
1/2 hour: $35

We also offer discounts if paid monthly or bought in bulk.

Please call Lindsay LaPlante for more information:


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Meet our horses

Scottie has been a barn icon for almost twenty years. Once a top level show horse, she is 25 years old and now semi-retired. She was the 2000 AQHA World Champion in Sr. Trail with Liz riding. Scottie is a perfect horse for any level of rider because she is so well trained. She is very forgiving of mistakes riders make while learning. Scottie is currently being half-leased.

Rhett, a 18 year old Bay gelding, has been in the LPPH barn for over ten years. He also used to be a top-notch show horse with top-ten placings at the AQHA world show. He is very kind and gentle, making a great horse for all levels of riders. His gaits are very smooth so riding him is very enjoyable.

Goldie, an 18 year old Chesnut mare, is a favorite among our students. She is very sweet and sensitive to your aids, making her a great mount for children who don't have the strength for some of our more lazy horses. She showed for many years on the AQHA circuit and was 3rd in the Nation in Trail. She is very smooth and easy to ride. Goldie is available for half lease.

Linus is a 16 year old black Quarter Horse gelding. He is a favorite among the students who want to learn the intracacies of showing horses. He is a semi-retired and very successful show horse on the National AQHA circuit, with numberous top tens at the AQHA World Championships. He is very gentle and quiet, great to learn on. Linus is available for half lease.

Whiskey is a 9 year old sorrel gelding who is used for occasional lessons. He is a large horse and very safe, so he is perfect for adult beginners. Whiskey can be lazy though, so spurs are recommended. Whiskey is available for half-lease.


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